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Here you can see modern Japan in action.Although Kuwana is always developing and is bustling with entertainment, it
still maintains a certain homely, nostalgic feel which can be found in its
people and shops all year round.

“Mitsui Outlet Park Nagashima Jazz Dream”
“Mitsui Outlet Park
Jazz Dream Nagashima ”
Adjoined Nagashima Onsen is Jazz Dream Nagashima, the largest outlet mall in Japan with around 240 stores. Both luxury and everyday brands are on offer. The outlet is equipped with free WiFi and money changing machines. Over 100 stores offer tax free shopping.
“Nagashima Resort”
“Nagashima Spaland”
(Nagashima Resort)
This large theme park features a water park, hotels, and natural hot springs. In addition, thrilling rollercoasters and atmospheric open air baths ensure that it is one of Kuwana's most popular hotspots.
“Nabana no Sato
“Nabana no Sato”
Here you can enjoy a vast flower park through all four seasons and a begonia garden in a vast 9000square meter greenhouse. The Illuminations, some of the largest in Japan, are not to be missed.
“Sanpachi Market”
(Teramachi Dori Shopping Street)
Teramachidori houses a lively shopping street and a morning market on days containing 3 and 8 each month. Local specialities and fresh produce are on sale. Enjoy the warm atmosphere of a typical Japanese shopping district.
“Kyūka Park”
“Kyuka Park”(SAKURA Festival)
In Japan it is typical for people to gather under blossoming sakura trees. Kyūka Park has roughly 450 cherry blossoms and is lit up during the blooming each year from April 1st - 15th. A cruise along the castle moat is also available in Spring.
Tado Gorge
“Tado Gorge”
(a natural swimming pool)
Clean, refreshing air blows through this natural monument filled with pear trees. In Summer, the river is dammed to create a natural swimming pool, in Spring the flowers bloom, and in Fall the valley is bathed in autumnal reds and yellows. With the changing of each season, Tado gorge explodes with color.
“Ishidori Festival (Ishidori Museum)”
“Ishidori Festival”
(Ishidori Museum)
Japan’s noisiest festival! Taiko drums and gongs are mounted on carts adorned with elaborate carvings and lacquer sculptures. These are wheeled around the traditional seafront roads in Kuwana. This display is not to be missed! At the Ishidori museum, learn about the history of the festival through exhibits and videos.
“Waju no Sato”
“Waju no Sato”
This museum explores the area's history of flood defences and methods of living in harmony with the waters. There are over 7000 items on display, including tools, documents, and pictures.
“Metal Casting”
“Metal Casting”
(Kuwahara Chuko co., Ltd.)
Casting involves pouring molten metal into sand molds and shaping it once it has cooled. This method has been used for hundreds of years, and visitors are able to experience it for themselves in Kuwana.
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