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The cuisine of Kuwana.Kuwana is criss-crossed by rivers and surrounded by rich farmland. Kuwana's
cuisine has developed over hundreds of years and blends both traditional
and modern flavors.

“Hamaguri clams”
Kuwana is one of the few places in Japan where hamaguri clams can be caught. Kuwana's famous hamaguri clams are known for their rich flavour and soft texture. From the Edo Period onwards, hamaguri have always been a delicacy. Don’t forget to try this delicacy at one of the many restaurants in the city.
Tado Taisha Shrine
A sweet and salty dish made by cooking Hamaguri and other shellfish in a mix of soy sauce and sugar. Different to “Tsukudani” (food preserved by boiling in soy sauce), Shigureni is considerably softer. It makes a superb gift, and is on sale at various stores throughout Kuwana.
Kuwana Sousha Shrine(Kasuga Jinjya Shrine)
“Hand pulled udon”
Udon noodles made from flour and water are a typical Japanese food. In Kuwana, using the cool wind blowing from the Suzuka mountain range, known as Suzuka Oroshi, rounded, firm udon noodles are made.
Kuwana City Museum
Kuwana, as a popular stop for travellers, has many confectionery shops. White bean paste and sugar are kneaded together; flour or rice flour is then added. Red bean paste or manjyu etc are wrapped up in this mixture to create a variety of Japanese style confectionery.
Shichiri no Watashi Old Port
“Local beer and sake”
Japanese sake derives its taste from rice and water. Surrounded by nature, Kuwana's brewers have been able to make delicious alcohol. Beer made from 100% local hops and barley is also popular.
Yoshinomaru Community Park
Thin cuts of meat and vegetables are cooked with soy sauce and sugar to create a salty-sweet dish. “Can’t beat meat!” is something that Kuwana has long boasted. Top quality marbled beef is used in this mouth-watering sukiyaki.
Hamaguri Plaza
“Kuwana ‘springy’ wheat produce”
Although wheat is widely cultivated in Mie, Kuwana ‘springy’ wheat is unique to this area. Using this variety, bread and cakes gain a delightfully fluffy texture.
Moroto Garden
“Nabana and Tomatoes”
Kuwana has many delicious fruits and vegetables. Notable are Mie Nabana, a vitamin C rich spinach packed with nutrients, and local tomatoes which are famous for their sweet, juicy flavor.
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